Set/6 Asst Garden Animal Figurines/Paperweights

Set/6 Asst Garden Animal Figurines/Paperweights

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Indulge in the beauty of the animal kingdom with a set of timeless animal figurines.
These small statues of a Dog, Cat, Owl, Monkey, Bird, and Tortoise made from
high-quality materials showcase intricate detailing, capturing the essence of various
These figurines bring a sense of wonder to any room. Perfect for paperweights or as
decorative accents, they combine functionality with artistry.


· Adorn a shelf, desk, console table, or office table
· Perfect gift for an animal enthusiast/Children's birthday
· Attracts everyone towards these looking animals
· Gives a touch of nature & wild to your space
· Ideal for Indoor use
· Magnet for children
· Material: 100% Polyresin
· Colour: Natural/Stone


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