We do our best to ensure that our products are wrapped sufficiently to survive their journey to your customers, but we do have to rely on third party companies to deliver your goods and breakages, unfortunately, can happen from time to time.



For all credits requests from your customers, you will need to provide us with your customer’s name and contact details, together with the customers description & images of damages.
Please send details to together with our invoice number which will be used as our reference for the matter.
No credit can be considered before we receive these details.



You will receive the necessary (proportionate) refund from us and the onus will be on you to make good with your customer.
This will not always be the easiest and best way to settle credits but we will endeavour to improve on the process over time.



Please do not return damaged or faulty items before contacting us or promising credits to your customer as we will be unable to refund any postage or credit costs.
As a priority we will be in touch with your customer as soon as is reasonable to resolve this for you and your customer.



We will obviously keep you posted via email.