About Drop-Ship

First time Users

To begin with please register on www.wantdropship.com.au  for access to our dropship website.
Please check your junk mail if you have not received a response within 3 working days.

Once you have sold a product that you wish us to dropship for you, log onto www.wantdropship.com.au and purchase that product at your own cost, and provide your customer’s shipping address when you check out.
You will be buying the product at wholesale price (plus GST)  + a dropship service fee of 7% (minimum value is $7) + Freight

We will keep you updated with inventory levels via the website with the quantity shown just below the price on the stock page. For tech savvy retailers we can provide you with a Shopify inventory file and shipping matrix.

We will replace or discount any goods damaged in transit.
Please familiarise yourself  with the refund policy at the bottom of the home page.
Please don’t offer a replacement item for damaged goods before we have had the opportunity to offer a discount – refund policy
Important – please make sure you have provided us with your customers correct shipping details.
We cannot be held responsible for any incorrect shipping details provided.

No invoice will be sent to your customer.
We hope to dispatch the majority of orders within 48 hours (working hours) of receiving your order.
Please do not phone us for special arrangements or updates.
Allow shipping companies 2/3days to deliver goods and up to 10 days into regional areas.
Please note that we do not ship to certain remote areas in Australian.
Some exemptions examples have been provided on the stock page

You can find your tracking details under your account (www.wantdropship.com.au)
All communication with us will be done via email.

For tech savvy members we can provide you with the following:

  1. You will receive from us a Freight Matrix (Origin our warehouse) to estimate the freight to your customer.
  2. You will receive a Shopify Product Export file with all the product detail.
  3. We will also provide you with an inventory list to keep you abreast of what is in stock

Please remember that we have only just began drop shipping for our wholesale customers so we will make changes and policy updates over the next few months.