47cm Artisan Coastal-Hues 2-Handle Vase 27x46cm

47cm Artisan Coastal-Hues 2-Handle Vase 27x46cm

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Jazz up your decoration with a Coastal Hues 2 Handle Ceramic Vase. Create an attractive
centrepiece with floral arrangements or use it as a planter to adorn your favourite plants.
You can also showcase tall decorative items like dried branches, bamboo sticks, or
ornamental grasses to enhance the ambience of your room, garden, or hallway.
● Use it as a decorative focal point
● Can serve as a standalone sculpture
● A visually appealing design element
● Durable and authentic
● 2 handles to carry the big vase
● Material: Ceramic
● Colour: Distressed Blue-Grey/Taupe
● Size: 27x47cm


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